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Democratic People’s Republic of Korea Flood Update
138 fatalities have now been reported after flooding began on 29 August in the North Hamgyong Province. 400 people are also missing. According to Reliefweb, Heoryong City, Musan and Yonsa counties ...

6 May US tornado outbreak
Several tornadoes were witnessed across the southern USstates including Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska and Texas on Wednesday 6th May. More than 50 preliminary tornadoes have been reported including 9 in ...

Extensive damage caused by a tornado and storms in Germany
On Tuesday 5th May an F3 tornado caused extensive damage in the town of Bützow located near Rostock in northern Germany. Widespread destruction was reported including overturned and damaged cars, ...

Dar es Salaam Floods kill 2
Floods caused by torrential rain on 6 May have killed 2 people and left hundreds homeless inDar es Salaam,Tanzania. Fatalities include a 2 year old child and an elderly man.   Extensive damage ...

Nepal Earthquake kills over 7000
On 25th April 06:11 (UTC) a shallow (15 km) magnitude 7.8 earthquake struck 34 km (21 miles) ESE of Lamjung in Nepal causing devastation. The earthquake was felt as far away as southern India ...

Calbuco Erupts
Calbuco, located in southern Chile erupted without warning on 22 April 2015 leading to the evacuation of thousands of people. The volcano has a summit of 2003m (elevation: 6570ft) and is one of the ...