Turrialba Eruption

Turrialba volcano located in Costa Rica erupted on 8th March forcing closure of Juan Santamaría International Airport and Tobias Bolaños airport along with ten schools in San José located 30 miles from the volcano. According to reports the eruption on 12th March which led to the closure of the airports delayed 111 flights and over 7,000 passengers.


Roads in the vicinity of the volcano were also closed due to the eruption. Authorities began to evacuate those living within one mile of the volcano after the eruption covered surrounding areas with ash. According to the Volcanological and Seismological Observatory of Costa Rica, ash covered areas over 20 miles (40 km) from Turrialba volcano.


The eruption was phreatic in nature and became more intense involving both gas and ash. On 11th March moderate ash columns took place followed by the most significant eruption since 1996 on 12th March. The eruptions on 12th March lasted six and 23 minutes erupting ash plumes 1 km (3,200 feet) into the atmosphere. The first eruption on the day began at 11:00 am, followed by the larger one at 14:12 pm.

The airports reopened on 13th March after activity decreased in intensity.

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