Tropical Storm Andrea – The first storm of the 2013 Atlantic hurricane season

The first named storm of the 2013 Atlantic hurricane season has hit the north western coast of Florida. Tropical storm Andrea hit the coast on the 6th  June with sustained winds recorded as being 30-60mph.
As the storm moved inland some Florida counties including Hillsborough and Manatee saw tornadoes develop, which resulted in downed power lines and minimal property damage.

The National Hurricane Center stated that the storm would lose tropical storm status within 36-48 hours. However, the storm has tracked along the eastern sea board of the US and Canada causing torrential rain and flooding in many areas including the capitol Washington DC, further east Nova Scotia in Canada had 4000 people cut off from power supplies and localised flooding issues across the region.

Although this storm was relatively small and moved quickly across the US, it has been forecast that this hurricane season could be one of the most active in regards to intense hurricanes.

Adam Mountstevens
NDA Volunteer

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