Evacuation Ordered in Argentina and Chile as Copahue Threatens to Erupt

Around 3000 people living in the vicinity of Copahue have been asked to evacuate as a precautionary measure. A red alert has been issued for the volcano as gas and seismic activity has increased. The stratovolcano, with a height of 2997 metres is located on the border of Chile and Argentina. According to officials the mandatory evacuation may take 48 hours if weather permits.

Copahue is an active volcano which last experienced a VEI 2 eruption in 2000. On December 2012 a strombolian eruption caused an ash plume to rise 1.5km above the crater. There was an increase in seismic and gas activity along with small explosions from the crater. Ongoing activity since then as caused variations in the alert from yellow to orange.

Saajeda Bandali, NDA Volunteer 

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