6 May US tornado outbreak

Several tornadoes were witnessed across the southern USstates including Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska and Texas on Wednesday 6th May. More than 50 preliminary tornadoes have been reported including 9 in Kansas.


Oklahoma was the worse affected after a large tornado destroyed mobile houses, caused damage to cars, infrastructure including power lines and uprooted trees. Will Rogers World Airport in Oklahoma City was evacuated twice. The intensity of the tornado has not been confirmed yet.


One fatality was reported as a result of flooding and 12 were injured in Oklahoma. 10 homes were destroyed in Amber and 25 in Bridge Creek in Oklahoma. An estimated 15 homes were also damaged near Grand Island in Nebraska and Hardy and Ruskin near the Kansas border.


Floods caused by the torrential rainfall led to a flash flood warning emergency in Oklahomaf or the first time in its history. 7.1 inches of rain was recorded in Oklahoma   City. Flash flood warnings were also issued for south eastern Nebraska.


The current storms and tornado outbreak continues. Several watches and warnings continue to be issued for severe storms, floods and tornadoes over the next few days.

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