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Eruption at Popocatepetl leads to Flight cancellations

Over 40 flights were cancelled on Thursday 4th July 2013 at Mexico City Airport due to eruption activity at Popocatepetl.

The stratovolcano which stands at 17,797 feet has been having continuing activity over the year. Reports claimed that an ash plume rose 2km above the crater in June along with seismic activity, explosions, gas emissions and tephra ejections. Ashfall was reported 20 km northwest in Amecameca on June 24th.

Authorities raised the Alert Level to Yellow: Phase 2 due to the continuing activity. On 4th July continuing ash eruption caused flights to be cancelled as a precautionary measure. The volcano is location 40 miles south east of the airport. Although activity is continuing and the alert level remains at Yellow: Phase 2, flights resumed on Friday 5th July since there was no threat to airlines.

Layers of Ash has been reported in towns in the vicinity of the volcano and an 11km exclusion zone is in place around the volcano. Authorities have reported that at the moment there are no plans to further raise the alert level.

Popocatepetl is located in Central Mexico and is one of Mexico’s most active volcano which has had numerous eruptions major eruptions in the past.

India Floods

3000 people are still missing in Northern India, where floods and landslides devastated numerous villages 2 weeks ago. 800 are confirmed to have died, however the death toll may never be known since people are thought to have swept away by the flood water. The floods and landslides have caused devastating destruction, including villages and roads being swept away. The rescue effort is still under way, with the Indian Army playing a major role.

India Floods

More than 800 people are now known to have died from the floods and landslides in Northern India. The biggest rescue effort is taking place to find those stranded and supply them with food and aid. 97,000 people have been rescued so far. Rescue has been hampered by continuing bad weather. Mass funerals of those killed will be taking place as soon as the weather permits.

Floods and Landslides kill 23 in Northern India

Torrential rainfall has caused flooding and landslides across Northern India killing 23 people in the state of Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh. Several others are missing or unaccounted for and the death toll is expected to rise over the next few days.

According to reports, buildings as tall as 3 storeys, vehicles and bridges have been damaged or buried by landslides and some have been washed away by the floods. Torrential rain caused by the monsoon season arriving early has also affected the capital city Delhi. The airport and roads in the capitals were left several metres under flood waters and caused chaos amongst passengers and commuters.

Further north near the border of Tibet, unseasonable heavy snowfall has fallen, leaving shepherds and their sheep stranded. River levels are also rising in the rainfall affected regions, causing concerns amongst the authorities.

By Saajeda Bandali

Recent volcanic activity at Pavlof raises aviation code to orange

Palvof is a stratovolcano is located in Alaska. Ash emissions and seismic activity, which began on the 4th of June, have continued into 11th June. According to the Alaska Volcano Observatory, lava effusion was also observed on satellite images. Although the ash cloud has not had any impact on communities within the vicinity, the aviation code has remained orange.

Palvof is an active volcano and the last known eruptive activity of the volcano was in 2007.

By Saajeda Bandali