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Deadly Tornado Strikes Moore, Oklahoma

A 2 mile-wide Tornado struck the town of Moore, Oklahoma with dozens feared dead and many more injured.

The Tornado (estimated to be an EF5) had winds of up to 200mph and was on the ground for 45 minutes as it devastated homes, businesses and hit Plaza Towers Elementary school head-on.

Search and Rescue efforts continue as President Obama declared a major disaster in Oklahoma.

Moore was struck in May 1999 by the most powerful Tornado (EF5) in which 44 people lost their lives and winds of over 300mph were recorded (the fastest ever recorded on Earth).

The number of people killed by the Moore Tornado has been confirmed as 24 (lower than earlier reports suggested) including 9 children with hundreds injured.

250 killed, thousands injured as earthquakes strike Iran

Two earthquakes measuring 6.3 and 6.4 struck 11 minutes apart northeast of Tabriz and southwest of Ahar, Iran on Saturday 11th August. This was followed by hundreds of smaller aftershocks which made the search and rescue operation difficult.
250 people have now been confirmed dead and over 2000 injured. The deaths were reported in rural villages of which four have been completely destroyed and others have suffered extensive structural damage. According to officials thousands of buildings have been damaged across the 110 villages affected, leaving the population homeless or too frightened to sleep in their homes.
Although it is believed that everyone is now accounted for in towns and cities, the death toll could rise in villages which are remote and inaccessible. Hospitals are also struggling to cope with the injured requiring medical attention.
Relief work is already underway with Russia and Turkey offering assistance. Victims have been provided with food, blankets and temporary shelters. The reconstruction of villages is said to start immediately before the winter season.
By Saajeda Bandali

Recent Flooding Disasters Around The World


20 people have been killed and hundreds left homeless in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania by floods that occurred on the 20th December 2011. The floods were caused by the heaviest rainfall the country has witnessed since 1961. Dar es Salaam is the main economic city of Tanzania; the floods bought the city to a standstill. Rain is predicted to continue over the next few days, leading to warnings being given out to the population living in the valleys of the city. According to witnesses and reports, several homes and bridges have been destroyed or damaged and main roads have been flooded making them impassable.

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Philippines Floods

Flash Flooding in the Philippines has left almost 1000 dead with many still missing.

The rains from Typhoon Washi caused rivers to burst their banks in the night which led to the devastation.

The areas worst hit were Iligan and Cagayan de Oro where entire villages were washed away.  In total, over 10,000 homes have been damaged.

Oxfam have an appeal to help the victims:

Earthquakes Strike Christchurch, New Zealand

A series of Earthquakes have struck in Christchurch, New Zealand leaving power outages and damage.

The city, which was hit by a devastating earthquake earlier in the year killing 182 people suffered a series of earthquakes ranging from a magnitude of 5 to 6.

With many people still trying to come to terms with the September 2010 Earthquake as well as the one February 2011, some people are seriously considering leaving the area.

Magnitude 7.2 Earthquake Strikes Turkey

Eastern Turkey has been struck by a magnitude 7.2 Earthquake which has left almost 300 people killed and many more injured.

The city of Ercis was one of the worst hit areas with many buildings collapsing.

Although some survivors have been pulled from the devastation, it is feared the death toll could rise.

The earthquake had a depth of 20 km and an epicentre located just 16 km north east of the City of Van. This was followed by hundreds of smaller after shocks, causing further panic.

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Flooding in Bangkok,Thailand

The capital of Thailand, Bangkok and surrounding areas have been severely affected by flooding.

Heavy monsoon rains over the past 2-3 months have led to over 12 million people being affected in what is being described by many as some of the worst flooding the area has seen in decades.

Over 300 people have been killed by the flooding and many are blaming the newly appointed Prime minister and her Government that not enough has been done to protect areas.  It is estimated that damage could already be in the region of $2 Billion.


Wildfires in Texas affect more than 1500 homes

The Wild Fires in Texas have continued to rage due to high winds and continued dry conditions.

In Bastrop County, a 16 mile wide fire destroyed more than 800 homes and left two people dead.  Around 4000 people had to be evacuated from the area as around 34,000 acres were burned by the ravaging fires.

Thankfully firefighters are starting to get control of the fire due to lighter winds.

More than  170 fires have broken out this week in the state of Texas due to a massive drought and recent high winds.