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5 Killed as More Tornadoes Hit Oklahoma Region

At least 5 People, including a mother and her baby have been killed as more Tornadoes hit the Oklahoma region. A Tornado crossed the I-40 during Friday evening rush hour, damaging cars and overturning lorries near Oklahoma City.


The tornado which struck El Reno, is suspected to be an EF3 and it has now been confirmed that 9 people were tragically killed.

Tim Samaras, a very well known and respected storm chaser, his son Paul and Carl Young another seasoned storm chaser were sadly among those killed.


This tornado has now been reclassified as an EF5. It was 2.6 miles wide, the widest tornado ever recorded and had wind speeds of up to 296 miles per hour (476 kph).

May California Wildfires

After an unusually dry winter across the US state of California, the 2013 wildfire season could be exceptionally busy. The ‘season’ started on 2nd of May with the springs fire event, burning nearly 25,000 acres, destroying 10 buildings, causing thousands to evacuate and injuring a dozen. The warm dry conditions continued throughout the month which has allowed more wildfires to begin and take hold.

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Evacuation Ordered in Argentina and Chile as Copahue Threatens to Erupt

Around 3000 people living in the vicinity of Copahue have been asked to evacuate as a precautionary measure. A red alert has been issued for the volcano as gas and seismic activity has increased. The stratovolcano, with a height of 2997 metres is located on the border of Chile and Argentina. According to officials the mandatory evacuation may take 48 hours if weather permits.

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