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Deadly Tornado Outbreak in Southern US

The record month of Tornadoes continued yesterday as a fierce and deadly series of storms hit the states of Alabama, Mississippi, Texas, Georgia, Tennessee and Arkansas. A suspected EF4/EF5 Tornado struck the city of Tuscaloosa , Alabama killing at least … Continue reading

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Tornado Season 2011 Already Breaking Records

Tornado season in the US, is well under way. We have seen a record number of tornadoes hit the US this month with preliminary figures from the NOAA Storm Prediction Center showing a total of 559* so far in April … Continue reading

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Tornadoes in the US leave a path of destruction and kill 45

Tornadoes have swept across southern America over the period of three days, causing devastation across several States. The intense storm system caused numerous tornadoes, flash floods and hail storms as it travelled across the region, striking Oklahoma on Thursday 14th … Continue reading

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